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Nepal in your Rhythm

Trekking in nepal Cultural Visit : Sunshine Trekking

Nepal is small country but one of the richest country in terms of bio diversity due to its unique geographical position. It is one of the best countries for sightseeing, with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture. The vast diversity of people, their culture, language and traditions will intrigue anyone. Here we find the highest peaks, gigantic mountains; crystal clears lakes, beautiful valleys, unbeatable natural beauties, different religions, divers ethnic living together with their different cultures and tradition. The panoramic mountain scenery and a diversity of beautiful landscape will enchant you and make your visit one of the most romantic and memorable one you have ever experienced Nepal is the land where Buddha was born - Buddha, the symbol of peace. Guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu valley and its surrounding areas will give you an enchanting glimpse of Nepal - its people, culture, traditions and mountains - that will surely make you want to come for a longer visit.

It represents the different culture, religion, traditions and is popular by its unique shape of the national flag and shape in the world map. Home to the cultures and religions have shaped the philosophical outlook of the civilized world for the last thousand years, Nepal is not only a paradise for adventurers but a scenic revelation and an educational in itself to all visitors. We have put our best effort to incorporate all cultural delights as well as natural beauty that Nepal has to offer, which you can chose depending on your time availability. Included in our programs are sightseeing of Kathmandu which is set in a wide valley ringed by forested hills and snow-capped peaks; it is a fascinating city and an ideal base for tourists and trekkers.

Our program of Tours and Sightseeing will lead you close to peer in the local life, social aspects, custom, culture, religion, festivals which provides an opportunity to be familiar with the interesting histories which is not far away from the nature. Sunshine Trekking take you sacred pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and memorials which reflect richness of Nepali culture variations.

So we propose you following tours and sightseeing in and around the valley, tours in Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini (the birth place of founder of Buddhism), Palpa and Tansen, Historical place Gorkha, Bandipur and many more…