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Nepal in your Rhythm

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Nepal is a country of high mountain, snowcapped Himalayas, devotees, diverse culture, exotic wildlife, artistic monuments. God had beautifully designed this country for relaxing in the mythological period; that's why we have different legends relating to god and Nepal. One of the fascinating legend is that; The Hindus great god Lord Shiva had come to stay here to get relief when he had in taken all the poisons in order to protect this world. Only after staying in the lake of Gosaikund he was relieved from the burning of the poison effects. So one take this as the land for relief of pain, relax etc. Not only this is benedicted by the natural beauty, natural resources but also it is the birth place of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Bhouddhism, land of Sherpa, brave soldiers Gorkhali who have own record in the history etc.

Geographically, it is a small country which lies in between two giant countries Tibet in the north while as India in the south, west and east. It is landlocked country where numerous mountains and plains are found occupying an area of 147,181 sq. km. It is one of the richest countries in the world in term of bio-diversity due to the unique geographical position and altitude variation varying from the world highest peak 8848m, the Mount Everest to plain of Terai region;305m above the sea level.

It is divided in three geographical regions; Himalayan or hilly Region, Mountain region and Terai region. Himalayan Region ranges in altitude between 3,000m and 8,848n, with the snow line starting at 4,800 meters. Among the fourteen highest mountains in the world, eight are found in this country.

According to the variation of altitude, habitant are also varies from the higher land to lower land. Generally Sherpa, Manangi live in the Himalayan region while Magar, Gurung, Newar, Tamang, Sunar, Rai, Limbu, Chhettris, Brahmins lives in the hilly region and finally in Terai; there are Tharu, Darai, Kumal, Danuwar etc.  

Even though, all ethnics are living together in brotherhood without discrimination. Not only this they have their own mother tongue while Nepali is used as national language or common language for the communication. Thus the mixed of these all give one kind of color combination in the country.




Nepal standard time is 5 hrs 45 minutes ahead of GMT.